It’s time to manifest your dream lifestyle and business now, Queen!

When it comes to your mission, you’re here to play BIG!
Making and impacting millions, in total alignment with your soul.
It’s inevitable.

Starting your own soul-aligned business? You’re already doing it.

Manifesting your dream lifestyle? You’re already living with more freedom than you could’ve ever imagined (good morning no alarm, no more asking someone else for a day off, and helloooo working from anywhere, at any time!)

You’ve even hired your first team member or two!

Basically, you’re rocking it.

Okay, so why does it still feel like you’re on a month-to-month emotional roller coaster?!

You’re so ready to step into your next level of ease and flow, and to walk with someone who can support you in getting there.

You’re so proud of yourself for how far you’ve come. But you also know you’re so far from where you desire to be.

You KNOW you’re a millionaire in the making

You KNOW you were born to make a magnificent difference in the world

You KNOW prosperity is your birthright

And you are so ready to step into that reality NOW.
The only problem? What got you here, won’t get you there.

You need a whole new approach to how you’re doing things, a powerhouse coach who knows her stuff (and who’s done it herself), and an intimate community of CEO soul sisters – that’s a whole vibe on it’s own!

Introducing …



> You KNOW you’ve got a big planetary mission, but no one knows who you are or what you do.

> You find yourself not making the money doing your souls work you KNOW you can make

> Your work is potent and life-changing, but you keep burning out and can’t seem to get into the vortex of magnetism and growth

> You believe so deeply in your mission and purpose, but lately find yourself asking wtf am I actually doing?!

> You’re ready to turn what feels like a hobby project into a worldwide company and global mission that positively impacts lives for generations to come

In Magnetic this is exactly what you will learn, unlock and receive the tools, techniques, and soul-aligned strategy and guidance to achieve.

Meet Corrie


One of our Magnetic Goddesses who we’ve had the absolute pleasure of watching expand throughout this powerful Mastermind.

And Mary


Another one of the amazing souls who recently joined us inside Magnetic: The Mastermind!

Are you ready for the 12-month deep dive experience and transformation?

If you are currently confused, bored, OR feeling invisible and frustrated that your soul work + biz hasn’t taken off like you’d hoped it would…

Or maybe you experience doubt, low energy, imposter syndrome….

Maybe you’re sick of telling your partner that “it’ll take off soon” and spend loads of time meditating and praying for success.

You’re ready to become a leader in your field, leading your business like a BOSS GODDESS!

Receive the income you desire + living a life that feels so delicious & juicy!

OWN your inner QUEEN who fully + completely TRUSTS + RESPECTS herself and OWNS WHO SHE IS!!!

Magnetize Soul clients you LOVEEEEE to work with and they LOVE to work with you (and pay you!)

And create an INCREDIBLE relationship with Money, Your Business, and ALL areas of your life

You feel so tapped in and connected with your soul MISSION + PURPOSE.

Adding an extra $100,000 – $250,000 to your annual revenue would feel expansive and delicious…

Finally being SEEN for who you truly are (a BOSS GODDESS QUEEN who is here co-creating the new earth!)

Waking up every day pinching yourself at the life you are living, with the incredible joy and play and freedom you once craved.

As well as the new tribe of boss goddess soul sisters thriving in their missions around the world too….

Then I believe Magnetic: the 12-month mastermind experience is going to see you thrive!

Enrol Now!

IT’S go time! Enrol Now!

Inside this powerful container, I’m going to go through everything you need to know to amplify and scale your soul mission, money, and magic in the planet, in the most intimate detail that I’ve only ever given before to my private high-end clients.

What a fantastic opportunity this has been to work with Libby in the sacred container of Magnetic Mastermind. It’s been like being on a rocket ship with Libby!!! With her being so generous with her teachings, self-reflections, updates, and all her love and amazing encouragement to show up every day as the highest vibrational version of myself in all areas of my life!! Libby models herself this day after day.

I have learned so much about starting a heart-centered business and all the questions to ask myself to attract/magnetize my money/clients and mission. I can see it all falling into place. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, the personal and business expansion is ‘out of this world’.

Thank you Libby for bringing this amazing teaching to the world.

Lesley Dixon

Libby’s Magnetic Mastermind has launched me into my multidimensional existence. Her work is not for the faint hearted. As a matter of fact, she takes you through all the work to step into a deeply heart led mission.

She has woken me to the many layers of my existence, and helped me to peel back, layer after layer, all that was potentially holding me back. Her activations have taken me to my ancient levels of knowing, and her insightful trainings push me to do the work to narrow my mission. The community she created is absolutely a soul group of women.

Her value has been priceless. I feel endlessly grateful to have stepped forward into a new life, knowing I can never go back!

To the expansive life!

Meg Lou

When asking how I can serve my clients even deeper….I’ve created a one-stop-shop when it comes to all things Spiritual + Leadership + Business + Abundance + Sisterhood with life-changing methodologies, teachings, and community

And where you receive incredible support, accountability, daily access to me, as well as the training and tools required to THRIVE as a spiritual woman in business, living life on her own terms and making her own rules.

I’ve never seen another program – especially as accessible as Magnetic – with this level of support, accountability, teachings, and coaching – out there.

I created this for you – because as a healer myself – I know what it’s like to run my business by moon cycles, energy + so tapped into the energetics around me….AND choose success as a woman in business.

We Get to have it all.

And here, ALL of you is welcomed. A fun, safe, and intimate space to grow, ascend and develop in business, spirituality, leadership, your gifts, relationships, and truly play in the field of infinite possibility.

I love business, I love spirituality. And I love bringing the two worlds together.

We have a lot of fun, and I would LOVE for you to join us and see what magic we weave and create together!!!


Choose your membership – either Gold, or Diamond

Inside magnetic

Group Coaching Calls

These are for you to dive into ANY area you’d like support on in your business, mission, leadership (you’re the channel of your business and mission, nothing is off-limits). These usually last 90 – 120 mins and are an opportunity to go deeper than the day-to-day pieces that you can bring into the Whatsapp Space for M-F support. The magnetic goddesses often find these powerful in themselves!


The trainings are run live via Zoom and an idea of the types of trainings to support you in your divine mission, money, and manifestations as a guide of the new earth are below. These are appx 60 – 90 mins


The activations are channeled to go alongside each training to assist you in integrating your soul mission and business in a multidimensional way. I use a combination of guided meditation style and often encoded with light language and binaural beats, sound bowls, or shamanic drumming, to support your ascension process on a subconscious, energetic, emotional, and cellular level. It is not a language the mind will understand, and I’ll be guiding you through the process. These recordings will be sent via email to go with each training.

Your 1:1  Calls

These sessions can include absolutely anything and serve to support you in a channeled business reading or energetic business activation, to align the consciousness of your business and mission with you as the channel for deeper guidance, clarity, and connection to your highest aligned path – creating your desired life and business from the inside, out.

What trainings are included, you ask?


This is an incredibly divine, sacred container with the most heart-centered goddesses from all around the globe. We are a powerful tribe, a sisterhood, weaving the new earth through our very beings. And as such, this mastermind weaves the principles of shamanism with 5D business like never before, so that we not only quantum leap in business, money, and mission, but in all areas of life and for the betterment of humanity and our beautiful planet. 


Become Magnetic!

Join the intimate sisterhood inside

the Magnetic Mastermind 12 Month Program 

I have carefully designed this 12-month mastermind to help you step into the next level of your soul mission with more FLOW, CONFIDENCE, and CLARITY. So your business becomes a divine reflection of your desired way of life and adds to your ideal family life, not taking away from it.

Click ‘Apply Here’ and I hope to see you inside!

All my love,

Libby Robertson