Running a business can feel like a rollercoaster of excitement + hustle + doubt, with a drop of fear (and a climb of passion), but ACTION is the clear path to success. Let’s start here…


Build The Business Of Your Dreams With My Programs


An eight-week group program to:

Release your abundance blocks, discover your soul purpose, and activate/monetize your mission.

Money makeover (rebranded) – the money course

The Money Course…to remove your unconscious blocks and limitations so you can quantum leap into new levels of financial abundance, without the hustle, burnout, or taking years to get there.

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12 month mastermind

For light leaders who are here to co-create the New Earth by facilitating positive change through their soul’s mission.

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MONEY makeover

The Money Course…to remove your unconscious blocks and limitations so you can quantum leap into new levels of financial abundance, without the hustle, burnout, or taking years to get there.

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Step into your soul work

The eight-week group program to:

Release your abundance blocks, discover your soul purpose, and activate/monetize your mission.

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Shamanism For Business (previously Fundamentals of 5+ Figure Months)

In this POTENT 5-day Training I’m guiding you through the blocks and collective misunderstandings preventing you from your next level of financial success as a healer + guide of the new earth

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Magnetic AF

7 Day Experience:

For the woman who knows she deserves it all + is SO ready to activate the next level of her soul’s mission, money + manifestations 

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Soul Biz Basics

The program to get clear on your message, create irresistible offers your soulmate clients will love & happy dance when you open your bank account again.

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Elevate your money state

Helping you release money blocks and unlock your next level of divine abundance 

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6 Figure Business Blitz

The three-day immersion to set you up for your most successful year in business yet! Study at your own pace.


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The Initiation

6 week or 6 month training certification for healers ready to activate their deepest purpose, alchemise their shadows to step into their potential and actualise their full healing powers.

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A year with Libby

The ultimate experience for soul-centered entrepreneurs to radically transform every area of life and business while manifesting quantum leaps in impact, abundance, and time freedom

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You can have it all!

‘A Year with Libby’ was designed for those who are ready to dive deep and have access to all Libby Robertson Global courses for an entire year!

How to Unmess Your Life

A book by Libby Robertson

When her life as an alcoholic party girl came to a smashing climax… on the concrete, flat on her back, from two stories up… She heard an inner voice whisper, ‘live, or die?’

That was the moment Libby was given a second chance at life and decided to re-build it, one day at a time.

Libby is now on a mission to empower millions of people around the world to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses, and communities so we can each live our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest lives and make future generations proud.

In this book, you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes journey of what it truly takes to UnMess Your Life and be given the tools and framework to heal whatever is holding you back from true happiness, living with purpose, and creating your most magnificent life.

Together we heal, together we rise, together we co-create a new earth.

Grab your copy of 'how to unmess your life' today!

Kind Words

“Libby is the most impactful coach I have ever worked with. She is such a grounding and consistent cheerleader, who bases everything on love. She has helped me to break through MASSIVE pain and fears in the most supportive way, where I always feel fully supported and held. She is the most powerful visionary and having someone see you as the person you know is truly you, is absolutely mind-blowing. She reminds you that you are here for greatness and gives you permission to step into the most powerful version of yourself. I have so much respect for Libby, especially because she has done so much hard work in her own life in order to pull up those around her. Libby changes your life, I knew it the first moment I talked to her. Libby, I will never ever be able to thank you enough for everything you have already done and the example you set in the world. If you’re ready to seriously become a powerful leader who serves, there is no one better in the whole world than our Libby.”

 – Monica Ferguson


Kind Words

“I love working with Libby! I love her enthusiasm, energy, and unwavering belief that our ultimate dream life is there for the taking! 

Step Into Your Soul Work was a beautiful course, a great mix of business, practical real-life work, and spiritual work. The content was comprehensive and allowed me to dive deep into what matters to me, what’s holding me back, and what my dream life really looks like. Since completing the course I have launched my soul-aligned business that allows me to make an impact while growing into my best life, and I couldn’t be more excited”

– Lisa Buscomb

Kind Words

“I can not recommend Libby enough. She has inspired and helped me changed my life for the better. I signed up for Libbys Love Yourself Sober program and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The content she taught and the tools she shared was life-changing. As Libby has studied a BSC in Psychology and is also extremely spiritually gifted she was able to combine the two together to help me understand how the mind works and how we have the power to change it. Not only her knowledge helped me ascend, but her ENERGY!! Libby oozes passion when she presents in her videos. She uplifts and empowers you every step of the way. Libby has this way about her where she can engage you with her fun, light energy but then can drop some epic truth bombs in for you to really start working through your shadows. I really look forward to working with Libby again in the future. Thanks again beautiful Soul Sister!! xxx”

– Catherine Lees

Kind Words

“I had a very powerful and productive half-day session with Libby. I found the pre-session coaching plan really helpful as it helped me set out my goals and also look at my current energy expenditure. The session itself was a powerful mixture of clearing, healing, and action planning. I loved Libby’s intuitive connection – very strong and her clarity helped me define where I needed to move forward and how. I also really appreciated the light language activation and inner child healing. So much information covered, with everything recorded so I can now plan out and step out. Thanks, Libby, I’m so grateful for your insights and ability to get my divine soul plan earthed into a divine action plan!”

– Cate Pates

Kind Words

“Over the past 12 weeks, Libby has been the brightest light in my life. Every session with Libby brings an overwhelming sense of uplift, empowerment, and energy; a direct response to the love and light she emits through her words and presence. After 20 years of depression and low self-esteem, Libby has empowered me with the tools and energy needed to begin my own journey of self-love – something I once believed I was incapable of. I wholeheartedly recommend Libby to anyone in need of change in their life.”

– Britt Louise

Let’s work 1:1 and accelerate the road to success.

My private coaching packages are the fastest way to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, without the hassle, hustle and struggle of trying to do it alone.

Because you’re here, my guess is you’ve got a wild dream. A vision in your heart that only you can see. A desire for an extraordinary life, and better humanity. You feel the magnitude of possibility within you and feel the fire of the universe rippling through your soul, reminding you of the MAGNIFICENCE that awaits you when you say yes to your dreams, to your highest soul purpose, to the very reason you’re here in this planet… and you’re ready to experience the abundance, deep happiness, success and freedom that goes with it.

Every morning when we wake up we are granted a new opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves. I am excited to see you grab life by the horns and start living the life you deserve!

– Libby Robertson